Raps in the Void: Minuscule Observations


Hip-hop! In Space!

Big K.R.I.T.:  Space, a home to bass heavy grooves and soul note introspection, amalgamated into planet sized grandeur, beaming with Black Southern Pride. An artist bestowed with little life support, journeying into the record label unknown in a cosmic purple Cadillac, propelled by a passion for faith, life, and music. Joy for a Black Planet.

Logic: Space, a canvas in which to scribble empty boasts and tame insights on race and class, delivered with attention-seeking speed. Instrumentals harken back to an age known as the “I Miss the Old Kanye” Era, radiating dim starlight. Frat-boy sci-fi, brought to life by skits as gimmicky as rubix cube free-styling. Directed by Chris Columbus (post-Harry Potter).

Clipping.: Space, a stage for Afro-futurist examinations on slavery. Cries of revolution echo in the form of synths, noise, and staccato rhymes, basking in hip Kubrickian sterility. An overused comparison, admittedly. Here’s another one: clipping. is Lynchian, Lynch-like, the David Lynch of Rap: often filled with hollow implications. Spirituals suffocate in deep space secularism, float in zero-g sentimentality.

So who made the better space-themed hip-hop/rap album?


And the bold explorer that carries their legacy.

Stay tuned to a full piece on one of albums aforementioned. Assuming I’ll have the time to write it.

Thanks to Delilah Sinclair for guidance and advice.