THE WORKS OF Series: What to Expect


So, there a few people who make games that I like for the most part. Or a lot. So, as a way to express my enjoyment and not-enjoyment of those people’s work, I decided that I’d make a maybe monthly (probably not) retrospective on their work.

These creators will probably be, for the most part, people who work alone. Though I will certainly make retrospectives on games by more than one person. Maybe by three people. Perhaps six. Two hundred and thirty one is a bit too much, though.

I will say that I won’t always “be nice”. Even though these will mostly be games by people whom I respect, I’m not going to bow down and kiss their feet. My intentions are always, no matter what, to express my feelings on something. Not to create hype and not to inflate people’s ego. At best, I may perhaps signal boost obscure work, and/or the work of marginalized people.  Yet I shall pull no punches, regardless of anything. And if someone gets the opposite idea from my more positive retrospectives that I’ll write (like the ones I will be posting for this month), then that’s fine. Just take in consideration that isn’t a site about promotion. It’s about criticism, analysis, and expression. One that will evolve the more I learn and grow, as a writer and a critic. Nothing more, nothing less.

“But why make a series? Why not simply review their work separately?” Well, technically I am. I will be looking at these devs’ works one by one, instead of all of it in one piece. But there will be an overarching *point* of analysis that will connect all of them together. A good example would be that if I did a retrospective on Christopher Nolan, my overarching point would be that he is a boring nihilist. And eventually in one of my retrospectives on his movies, I’ll then bring up how it’s an example of Nolan’s boring nihilism.

Expect the first part of my retrospective of Arden Ripley’s three short interactive fiction games later today. Expect less insecure and badly written posts like this. And perhaps more Christopher Nolan bashing. I promise.

That’s about it. Have a nice day.