What To Expect Soon From This Here Website On The Internet™

What better way to give a taste of my upcoming work by providing samples of my reviews and providing links to my favorite critics, which I hope in turn will give their own work a tiny unit of extra spotlight.

Long ass sentence. Expect to see less of that shit, I promise:

From my Her Story review:

“For a game so desperate in presenting itself as an artifact of reality, so desperate to make itself feel like an experience that unravels in OUR reality, in our own minds… it doesn’t show any of that in its main character, in its story. Instead, much like [David] Fincher, it is merely interested in having the audience look at people as things, as distillations of people, subjects.”

From my Kindness Coins  review, which will be the first in a series of short reviews of tiny games:

“[Arden] Ripley’s writing style helps humanize these stories, with intensely abrasive, off kilter, and often grammatically messy passages that instill a feeling of raw proximity. When Arden writes in caps, not only does it accentuate, it excites and teaches. You feel as if you were in the company of a good friend, who sprinkles their excited, lively mannerisms with words filled with consideration and sly wisdom.”

Beginning paragraph for my Batman: Arkham City review:

Batman: Arkham City is awful. It seems that after the success of the surprisingly effective and confident Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady found themselves ready to fulfill the awfully boring and hyper-consumerist “Bigger, better, more badass” mantra. A mantra that Gears of War creator Cliffy B so famously (infamously?) came up with to hype the overrated Gears of War 2. And much like that game, Arkham City is nothing more than a beautifully crafted yet derivative and confused mess that doesn’t know or care why it exists.”

Still working on those two last pieces, so don’t expect those to be final drafts. First one is nearly done, but like I said, not sure if that’ll be on here.

Here are video game critics that inspire and influence my work, as a critic and as a (hopefully eventually) game designer:

– Austin Walker: ClockworkWorlds and currently Giant Bomb

– Jed Pressgrove: Game Bias

– Gita Jackson: Paste and Offworld

– Austin C. Howe: Haptic Feedback Games

– Zolani Stewart: Critical Switch

– Lana Polansky: Sufficiently Human

– Cameron Kunzelman; this cage is worms

– Stephen Beirne: Normally Rascal

– Tevis Thompson: Tevis Thompson

As for music critics, check out Stephen Kearse‘s essays on rap/hip-hop. I agree with him most of the time and is the only music critic I respect at the moment. And as for film critics, look up Pauline Kael’s work as well as Armond White’s work. I hate him (not as much as you maybe), but I appreciate his words and love of cinema. Most honest film critic alive today. Oh, and FILM CRIT HULK, he’s cool.

Those are all the people I can think of right now. Thanks for reading!


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